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  3. Natrus

  4. Arnau Estudi

  5. Trovit Corporate

  6. Fundació d’Estudis Superiors d’Olot

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  8. Mercat d’Olot

  9. Grup Morera

  10. Summit-MTB

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  12. Ajuntaments de Girona (DDGI)

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We are proud to share with you the story of this project. Aresta is an apparel sportswear shop in Olot, right 5 minutes by foot from Volcanic’s office.

When we started this project the goal was to renew their old website and build a powerful eCommerce that could expand their local business to customers all over the net.

Our duties included:

– UX Design

– Graphic Design

– eCommerce Platform development

– Product operation and continuous improvement to raise the online shop metrics.

The final product is a brand new site that now delivers Aresta products to more customers and more geographies than ever.

Graphic Design: Dummiesgràfic
Coding and operation: Volcànic Internet

Ràdio Olot

Radio Olot reached Volcanic because their old website was not enough to fit their needs to communicate with their audience. They needed a new better and more powerful site and we helped them to design the new Radio Olot website.

The new site is focused on the user that needs to be aware of the latest news and listen either to live radio or previously recorded podcasts. The site is also linked to Radio Olot social media profiles and what used to be a traditional “FM only” media is now a cross platform news source accessed every day by thousands of people multiplying by 4 their audience size and being accessed via the new website, the new mobile app (iOS and Android) or via mobile web browser.

Grpahic Design: Freshdesign
Coding and maintenance: Volcànic Internet


Arnau Estudi

Graphic Design: Dummiesgràfic
Coding: Volcànic Internet

Trovit Corporate

Fundació d’Estudis Superiors d’Olot


Mercat d’Olot

Grup Morera



Diputació de Girona (Webs dels Ajuntaments)

Especialitats Gastronòmiques

KI Consultants


Sporting Club Bettembourg